Katie is a creator. Whether by hand or by mouse, her work spans a wide range of creative fields including graphic, web and UX design, art direction, upholstery and dress-making. 

As a multi-disciplinary designer Katie has worked for a variety of brands, from luxury lifestyle to tech start-up, from London Fashion Week to must-have apps. Her varied work has provided the opportunity for this obsessive explorer to travel, and she has worked internationally from London to Los Angeles. She has a particular soft-spot for bohemian Californian beaches and kayaking with Canadian whales.

Katie launched Krafted in 2014 to establish a place where we can all take time out of our day and find joy in the ‘back to basics’ simplicity of hand-making, and creating things that make us smile.

Clients include: Mulberry, COS, Moët Hennessy, Aritzia, Jimmy Choo and Lancôme.

I want...to be challenged.
I've seen...the sky up close.
I've felt...behind an elephant's ear.
I fell...in love over 3,402 miles.
I know...how to make a wedding dress.
I dream...about adventures.
I am...in awe of the world.
I have...so much left to see.


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