Brief - Creation, direction and execution of a responsive site, app and e-marketing campaign for the new digital lifestyle curation tool. 

- - - 

Insiders is the ultimate digital tool to curate your lifestyle, using a library of trusted recommendations and personalised privileges all found in once place. Generated by a network of insiders with unrivalled local knowledge from charming eateries to bustling markets, users can access their Insiders content anytime, anywhere. 

The website was designed to be scalable for large quantities of user generated content. As a tool for busy professionals and discerning users, it had to be streamlined, responsive and on-brand for a luxury audience. An Insiders app was created in line with the main website to allow users to easily access their recommendations and add their own while on the go. 

The project also included art and digital direction for the Insiders branding, and associated assets for both B2B and B2C onboarding programmes.